Gainesville Brew Bus is a company built for Gainesville by the people of Gainesville. Our mission is to deliver meaningful and memorable experiences to our community and patrons.


Gainesville is notorious for being a nature friendly town and we the owners, being Gainesville locals ourselves, are no different! We are a company that takes pride in our town and do what we can to take care of it!

 The fact of the matter is: we care about YOU, we care about Gainesville, and we care about... beer, dammit.


In addition to giving people the opportunity to tour the craft brew scene, we also make our bus available to facilitate unforgettable moments in our community. We offer rentals of the bus for outdoor events such as, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: tailgates, festivals, woodsers, and private functions... really anything where having the brew bus as a communal area would make the experience even more enjoyable for everyone  involved

Gainesville's First Brew Bus